Commercial Wall Air Conditioners

Commercial wall air conditioners are usually in the form of wall mounted or split system units with higher capacities. There aren’t nearly as many manufacturers of commercial wall units as there are for residential, but there are a few brands out there that produce them. Here are 5 commercial wall air conditioners available.

Sanyo 24KLS72

This Sanyo wall mounted unit is one of the few commercial wall air conditioners they offer. It has 24200 cooling BTU, an EER of 9.8 and a SEER rating of 17. It is not Energy Star rated. This model is a mini split system with a single indoor unit. Its features consist of wireless remote control operation, 3 fan and cooling speeds, a 24 hour timer, a quiet mode, a dry mode, an auto restart function, and an anti-mold filter.


General Electric also has a few commercial wall air conditioners available. These units are actually through-the-wall models with higher capacities. This particular model has 18000 BTU and a 9.7 EER. A great thing about this unit is that it also has the ability to heat so you can have it permanently installed and make use of it all year round. Its heating capacity is 11000 BTU. This unit features remote control operation, multiple fan speeds, and 4-way air direction. It also uses environmentally safe R410A refrigerant.

Soleus SG-WAC-25HCE

This thru-wall unit has 25000 cooling and heating BTU. It is great for permanent installation. This wall unit has many features such as a remote control, auto restart option, a 24 hour timer, multiple fan speeds, an energy saving mode, a washable filter, and 4-way air flow. Like the GE AEE18DP, it too uses R410A refrigerant.

Friedrich M18YFPKG

Friedrich is a great brand that has quite a few commercial grade and durable air conditioners. Almost all are able to be used as wall units. The Friedrich M18YFPKG Wall Mounted Single Zone System has 18000 BTU. It has 4 fan speeds, 4-way air flow, a washable filter, and a SEER rating of 19.

Friedrich SM24M30

This model is part of Friedrich’s Kuhl Series which is made of commercial grade materials and feature higher capacities. This unit has 23500 BTU and is a window or thru-wall unit. Its features include programmable 7 day thermostat, a 24 hour timer, 4 cooling and fan speeds, 8-way air direction, washable anti-microbial filter, and an auto fan mode. This unit is also Energy Star qualified and eco-friendly. It has an EER of 9.4 and uses R410A refrigerant.

Wall air conditioners aren’t always referred to as commercial only units. However, many of them will state that they are made of commercial grade materials or have higher capacities. Friedrich’s window models are almost all capable of being through the wall units. Their Kuhl Series has higher capacity units that are made of durable commercial grade materials. They have several to choose from, all with similar features. If the commercial wall air conditioners above aren’t what you are looking for, try looking over some of the Friedrich wall models.

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