How To Take Care Of Your Shisha Shisha Foreva

The most delicious shisha is fresh out of the box. It’s juicy, fresh, and marinated in it’s own taste.

But, after being opened and sitting on the shelf for a while, your shisha will start to loose some of its juicyness, and so its flavor.

Unless you take care of it, that is. Well stored shisha will stay good for years.

That’s what I’m gonna teach you to do today.

Freezer = Shisha Hell

Anything that is loved for its intense flavor, be it shisha or coffee or cigars or tea, should never see the inside of a freezer. That cold will destroy the taste and leave your shisha bland.

Why? It’s a process called sublimation. In sub zero temperatures, water can go directly from solid (ice) to gas (vapor) without ever becoming liquid.

This is because cold air is less humid, and shisha is very humid. The environment will naturally seek to balance out the humidity in the container, and it will do it by taking the moisture out of the shisha and diluting it throughout the freezer.

Now, if your shisha was perfectly sealed in an airless container, this wouldn’t be an issue. There would be no air to suck out the moisture. But, odds are, you don’t have a vacuum sealer lying around.

Boring = Shisha Heaven

We want to put our shisha in the most neutral environment possible. An environment that is too boring for science or bacteria to do much.

Shisha loves to be air-tight, dark, cool places. To store it perfectly:

Wrap it loosely in wax paper (just like the paper in came in).

Put it in an airtight container. Preferably glass, as plastic can infuse it’s taste into your shisha.

Then mark it down with the brand, flavor, and age, and put it somewhere cool and lightless. Like the back of a seldom opened cupboard.

There you go. 5 minutes of prep, and you could leave it alone for 5 years. And, when you come back and open it up again, it will be just as delicious as the first time you smoked it.

And you can buy big bags of hookah, 250g if you want, because it costs less per gram and will last your forever.

Cheers to shisha foreva!

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John Willis is a graduate of Developmental Communication from the University of the Philippines. He works for as the editorial manager of the team.