Getting Your Best Wedding Pictures Clicked

Wedding pictures hold a sentimental value in our hearts because these memories help you relive every moment of the beautiful day you and your spouse came together. However in your heart of heart you also know that you wish to look breathtakingly beautiful in those snaps, and not hideous just because you goofed up on the make-up. Here are some important make-up don’ts you must follow to look your best in the D-Day snaps.

1. Make-up test should be conducted at place having overhead fluorescent lighting. In case it is being done by professional at your home, the time should be so fixed that daylight is there outside.

2 Normally during wedding time, lot of people get their make-up done by someone else. There can be temptation to take suggestions from make-up artist. You would certainly not like to look like someone else. Whether you are doing your own make-up or hiring a professional, best bridal make-up is one where bride looks a polished version of how she actually looks. You can get an amazing range of international make-up brands using Nykaa discount coupons. These brands like MAC, Clinique, and Estee Lauder etc give you the best finish and a professional look.

3 It is not true that make-up has to be plastered on you for the sake of photographs. Wedding photography is mostly done in natural light and on choosing heavy base, make-up will look obvious. For the flash, matte T- Zone will have to be ensured and you can achieve this with fine powders and not layers of make-up. Clinique compressed powder is really good for the perfect matt effect and can be bought on discount using It is very important to have a non-oily face as the extra oil would make your skin look smudgy and uneven in snaps.

4 It should be remembered that you have to live with the wedding photographs throughout. So statement looks should be avoided and you go for classic look. Glittery eyeliner you had seen on Parisian catwalk could look too pretty and trendy. Vintage wedding dresses can be made to look breathtaking with classic lipstick color.

5 Brown, neutral and pale lip colors will appear washed out in photographs. Select lipstick one or two shades brighter that what you normally wear. In case you normally wear neutral hue, this should be worn as base with rose or pink color on top. If you wear dark lipstick, this should be used as base and use brighter pink on top for giving color a lift. Roses, plums and pinks are excellent and classic choices for brides.

6 Instead of applying make-up only on face, extend it to neck and shoulders to ensure that the color of face is not different from the texture of the body and apply it at least an hour before the final event. For creating a natural look, everything should have uniform appearance. It is advisable to use light fake tan for blending uneven skin tones together. This should be done day before the wedding. Remember that darkening of the skin too much would reduce the look of your complexion.

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