Best Things To Do While Smoking Hookah Solo

The euphony of the solo hookah smoker. Hookah was originally meant to be smoked socially, chatting around the pipe with friends. But there is a whole realm of hookah smoking that most of us never discover…solo smoking.

Hookah is a relaxant, and the lazy swirls of smoke guide the smoker into deep and powerful contemplations. With buddies, you puff and chat and have fun. But alone, you relax and you think.

Solo Hookah Smoking Activities

My personal favorite thing to do with hookah is simply to think.

Set yourself up somewhere comfortable and interesting, like a park or your favorite cushions or on a plush carpet, and simply puff alone on your hookah.

Watch the smoke swirl and let it draw you onwards to the realms of life philosophies, fantastical imagination, inspiring dreams, intriguing science, or any of the other wondrous places the mind can venture.

Then there’s the few of us who practice the art of meditating.

This is not so much thinking, as often this is the exact opposite: The removal of though.

Be it body awareness, breath counting, tantric, prayer, mental expansion, or another realm which meditation is pathway to, the delicious taste and relaxed effect of the hookah lends itself well to the event.

And, if your thoughts are wondrous enough that you want to remember them later or share them with others, you can write.

Be it your philosophical thoughts, fantasies, or realizations, there is nothing more wondrous to read than profound and view shifting words.

Smoking your hookah alone will guide you to these thoughts, your pen will guide them to the world.

On that note, a mind expanding activity that is sure to improve your reality is reading.

Sit with your hookah hose in one hand and a great book in the other, and you will forget you exist. The greatest of books draw you out of this reality and into one of their own making. You see new things, understand new ways of thought, and enjoy worlds created purely by human inspiration and effort.

The relaxing effect of your hookah allows you to simply glide into your book. And, when you come back out to this reality, you will bring with you new thoughts and dreams you never had before.

For the true artists, the relaxing and mind expanding effects you get from smoking hookah solo create the ideal mindset to make your art.

Some paint, some create music, some take and edit photographs, and most create their art on the computer.

Smoking hookah solo will relax you, and let you find and follow your muse into a wondrous creation.

And for those of us who appreciate art, the same effects of the solo hookah will allow us to feel the passion that went into the creation while we enjoy art.

Watch amazing videos, wonderous photographs, interesting creations, soul capturing music. Really feel it.

So, for those deep thinkers and powerful creators among us…those who enjoy exploring the far reaches of reality and fantasy and imagination, I say this:

Spark up your hookah, pick your favorite thing to do alone, and enjoy yourself completely as you think and smoke your hookah solo.

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John Willis is a graduate of Developmental Communication from the University of the Philippines. He works for as the editorial manager of the team.