How To Use Social Media As Your Fitness Partner?

There are thousands of ways on how to motivate yourself to lose weight. If you are harassed by roller-coaster weight shift, then you need an abrupt approach to help maintain a healthy weight.

Overweight can be a precursor to dozens of serious health threats. If you don’t act now and lose weight, it could be too late for you to react. So to avoid health inconveniences in the future, you must think of a fitness plan that will help you overcome weight gain.

Today’s tip is about using social media programs, as your biggest fitness motivator. You might think that social media can’t help you physically as it is designed to socialize or interact online. However, the information that you are about to learn will change your outlook with regards to both fitness and social networking as a whole.

Why Social Media for Weight Loss

Social media might be the best thing happened in the Internet landscape. It literally changed the way people lived. It made life easier and more enjoyable. Why? Because humans are naturally social creatures.

I bet that you have your own social media profiles on different platforms. If you do, then you are well-versed on how to use social media in general. While some social media programs are criticized for some reported negative effects, the truth is that, using social media properly can benefit you in more ways.

In Internet marketing alone, social medias such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all “abused” to help advertisers and webmasters to get big online exposures for free. Using it for fitness is no doubt, helpful!

Socializing online can give you powerful motivations to stay fit and healthy all the time. Connecting to right friends that have the same health interests as yours, will truly help in overcoming your weight loss dilemma.

Using Social Media for Fitness

To begin your weight loss journey through social media, you must start on your favarite program. I supposed that is Facebook. So to be able to take advantage of social media, below are some of the tips that you can apply for your fitness program.


Facebook is the best and the most popular social media program today. You can do a lot of things in Facebook especially with regards to health and fitness. You can connect with your friends, post pictures and videos, play games, like some posts, create Facebook pages and groups.

Aside from wall posts, Facebook can help motivate you to lose weight through many channels. One of these channels are through pages and groups. Joining Facebook groups that are inclined to fitness is a perfect way to get ideas on how to lose weight. Pages meanwhile can help you to share your triumphs and weight loss success. Either way, Facebook is a special social media program that can be your complete fitness partner


Twitter is like the mobile texting of all social media. Why? Because Twitter is a fast-paced interaction, just like texting. You can use Twitter in many ways just like Facebook and any other social networking platforms.

If you like to have immediate and instantaneous information with regards to health and fitness, Twitter is the best program to use. You can find your friends with similar health interests or fitness goals.

Once you do that, you can interact with them constantly by posting ideas within your dashboard or follow links that they suggests that could help you overcome weight gain. These links could be information to healthy recipes, beginners workout or any other details regarding weight loss. No wonder why most people has their own Twitter profiles.


Pinterest is relatively a new social media platforms that was introduced a few years back. This program is simple, it is based on pictures and images, which is basically a database or photo sharing platform.

You can have your own Pinterest dashboard, containing images that you like. You can segregate your images per group. So if you have multiple interests, you can isolate each photos per group inside your Pinterest profile. You can get photos from web pages that you browsed through pinning them on your account.

How can Pinterest help you lose weight? First off, like Twitter and Facebook, you also select the people you connect to or follow. In short, you need to follow people which has interests on health and fitness. Their photos on their dashboards are all related to weight loss, so it would likely help you lose weight. You may follow mine here.


Instagram is a whole-new mobile app that is designed to be your perfect smartphone companion. Not only that, it is a social media program as well that connects you with your friends through Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles.

To be able to use Instagram, you need to use your smartphone and install the app for free. You need to follow people to be able to have followers, just like Twitter. The program lets you take photographs of anything you like, then share it automatically with your network of friends.

Once you established connection on people with similar interests in health, you will be able to see their daily photos regularly. These photos could be their usual dieting routines, workout programs and many others. Instagram is completely helpful especially if you want to follow someone else weight loss strategy or vice versa.


Do I need further introduction for this highly successful Google program? YouTube is the most popular and the best platform when it comes to video sharing. While not your typical social media darling, YouTube is the king when it comes to numbers of visitors. You can literally find any of your favorite shows on YouTube, even those hard to find videos.

So how can a video sharing site help you lose weight? As I have said earlier, you can find almost everything in YouTube. This means that you can essentially get endless ideas on how to lose weight via informative videos such as cooking lessons, healthy recipes, workout sessions, weight loss tips, success stories, weight loss products, and many others. Do I need to elaborate more?

Conclusion on Social Media as Your Fitness Partner

Social media is one of the major global brand promoters. Surely you would get the entire details of any best fat burner pills for men favoured globally. You can get the reviews of some finest brands, how people are adapting them for more effective results and why they are the modern craze! 

Now you know that your very own social media profiles can be used to help you lose weight. If you can use social media in the right way, it will surely be a big motivator to help you lose weight and keep it off for good! So the next time you look for new ways to acquire knowledge with regards to health and fitness, turn your attention to your social media profiles.

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