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If you love to know about tarot reading and psychic reading, this article would be perfect for you as this is a knockout post about psychic reading by island now, where they have covered a lot of new and interesting things about tarot and psychic reading. 

In Tarot, cards that seem to show up in every single reading you do are somewhat unfortunately termed “stalker” cards. If you do a lot of readings, that single “stalker” can “follow” your readings everywhere and pretty soon, you’ve blanked out on its meaning because it appears all the time!

Deal cards into piles of six. Why six, when 78 is also divisible by two and three? Numbers. 78/2=39. 78/3=26. Thirty-nine questions seem like a lot of overkill, and twenty-six seems a little less overkill but still a lot of cards. So, six piles of cards.

Then look through the piles until you see the Stalker card. The cards in that pile make up your Stalker Tarot Card Guidance Spread. Stack the other piles back into one. They aren’t necessary. Let’s say that the card that follows you around is The Hierophant. The Hierophant would be placed in position six. The rest of the cards are dealt into the spread as they appear, starting from the top of the pile, working toward the bottom.

The following questions are just examples; feel free to modify them as you see fit. Though, you may want to look at this post for tips on phrasing your questions to get the most out of your reading:

What message does the “stalker” card bring to this reading? What does this “stalker” card mean, in general? Why has it been “following” me around? How am I doing right now? What do I need to change or improve? Stalker Tarot Card in Question What can I do to be successful in this lesson? What could cause setbacks in learning this lesson? What advice do you have? How do I best apply that advice to this lesson? What is my source of comfort and encouragement here? What is the lesson here? Why is this lesson important?

For the sake of brevity, I am going to keep this interpretation very simple. Please do flesh out your interpretations when using this spread. Remember, you are uncovering the mystery of your “Stalker” card in this spread, and you want as much detail as possible to help you solve this conundrum!

The Hermit

In this reading, The Hierophant brings the message of Introspection. Look within before looking without.


In general, The Hierophant’s message is to be strong in my convictions and not to waver.

The World

Obviously, this card has been “following” you because it is part of your learning process. A very needed and necessary part, or else, I would not be here.

5 of Cups

You’re reaching and grasping for things that will not help you. Get out, go for a walk. Interact with others on a meaningful level.

5 of Swords

A shift in thought is required. Throw off any outdated ideas or beliefs and focus only on what is new and relevant in your life.

The Hierophant

The Star of this spread has no question. It needs no question!

8 of Swords

Release fear, let go of worries and be. There is no pressure here.

The Moon

Setbacks will be seen in the form of distractions and other influences that will draw you away from uncovering this lesson.

Nine of Pentacles

Be self-assured and self-made!

6 of Pentacles

Share that confidence with others in need.

The Devil

You created this dilemma, and you can overcome it. Everybody deals with temptations like this. You are not alone.

The High Priestess

Self-knowledge is the most powerful form of knowledge. Own yours proudly!

Page of Pentacles

This is important because weeds choke the growth of the crop, So it is with your development. Be ever vigilant against the weeds of your resources responsibly.

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What changes would you make to this spread? Have you ever had a card “follow” you around endlessly? How did you handle that?

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