What Are The 5 Spotify Features That Help You Do More Than Just Stream Music?

When you are using Spotify for listening to music, then you should also know about some of its amazing features. This application can be reached in android as well as on iOS devices through which you can listen to your favourite song anytime. On this application, you can also stream through videos and also view all the lyrics. There are more than 27 million of active users from all over the globe who are accessing the Spotify application. My Music Viral application will help you to reach to any music which a user wants to listen to. 

There are millions of applications available in terms of listening to music and downloading songs. Such that choosing Spotify will also offer several benefits and features through which you can improve your listening experience throughout. Also, with some of the 5 Spotify features which are listed in the lower section, you will be able to do more than just undergoing with streaming music. 

5 Spotify features for a new user such as:

  • You can add Spotify into google maps easily: when you are using the Spotify application, then you can also add this application into google maps easily through which mapping of this application will be considered. It will become easier for you to switch through control tunes so that navigation will become easier. There might be some users who are not well aware of this feature because through this controlling media, playback is managed further.
  • If you don’t want to listen, then mute artist: if you are using the Spotify application and you don’t want to listen, then you will get the opportunity to mute the artist. Through this, maintaining the algorithm will become easier in the playlist. Also, there is an endless number of radio stations that you can use for streaming music and for allowing all the services out there. It is a huge platform and contains millions of music as well as users who are accessing this service. You will also get the facility of listening to music by viewing its lyrics so that you can sing as well. 
  • Sharing track become easier: when you are using this application, then it will help you to share your favourite track as well as a playlist by using a QR code here. You can also access all the applications with the help of email and get updates through notification. You can share your Spotify list and folders with your friends through which they will also listen to your favourite music. There are several opportunities available here through which you can also listen to music add free and without using internet connectivity. Your friends can also share their Spotify list with you so that you can access their interest in music and listen to them further. 

  • Live music: one of the most amazing features of using the Spotify application on your mobile device is that through this, you will be able to discover live musical performance which is near you. Without Spotify, you will not get this feature in any other musical application because it is based on manual users. It will also save your money to visit through a music concert because by the time you can watch live music here only. 
  • You can also switch devices: it serves you with the facility of switching devices with the help of the one-tap option. In case you are using Spotify on your mobile device and want to access it through your windows, then with one tap, you can easily go through the playback screen. There is a web browser in which you can easily access all the things and manage them easily. With just one tap, you will get this facility to reach your favourite device. If you are comfortable with accessing Spotify in windows, then you can also use it here. This platform is friendly with all the devices, as you can also download it on iOS devices too. 

We have discussed all the 5 Spotify features for a new user through which accessing this application will become beneficial. It will change the way in which you stream music so that you can level up your experience. 

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