Tom Stroup Swat Workout

Do you believe that extreme workouts can make you slim? If your answer is yes, then this post is for you! Today, I’ll review one of the most extreme workout video that ever hit the fitness exercise DVD market. The SWAT Workout Extreme Weight loss and Fat Burning.

What is SWAT Workout?

SWAT Workout was created by Tom Stroup, a real SWAT commander and has over 23 years of fitness and field training experiences tacked on his belt. He is well-versed on how to lose weight fast through his own exercise program.

This exercise program however, is not your typical home fitness video as it is composed of extreme and intense interval workout routines. Although most routines are for fitness buffs, the intensity in some of his routines were also reduced to suit the beginners, just like you.

This training video will give you different perspectives on how SWAT officers build up muscles and get fit. Tom has taken police training into a successful weight loss regimen and turned it into a fun exercise program that everyone can enjoy.

SWAT Workout is consists of circuit training, running, jumping, core workout, kicking, punching and many other drills that could make your whole body pumping hard. The routines will improve your endurance, agility and stamina.

If you are looking to lose some weight, then this DVD is perfect for you. It is composed of both low and intense cardio routines, with cool down exercises that is good for the heart. SWAT Workout Extreme makes fat burning an enjoyable home habit.

Tom’s team claims that their work can help you burn 9 times more fat and lose twice more weight than your usual weight loss regimen. What’s good about home workout videos is that, you can actually work at your own pace, putting less pressure and you are not forced to follow on those difficult routines.

SWAT Workout Extreme knows your limitation by applying interval training into the program. This will further improve your workout experiences as well as increasing your metabolic rate for much efficient burning of fat.

Sample SWAT Workout routines. Video by TotalFitnessDVDs

Issues with SWAT Workout Extreme Weight Loss

Reviews about SWAT Workout are not too discouraging, at least in my own point of view. Some reports suggests that the program requires additional equipments such as dumbbells and toning bands. While other other criticizes the routines to be boring and somewhat repetitive.

Some fitness experts said that most moves are too traditional and there are nothing new to expect. This includes common push ups, leg and core workouts and boring jumping jacks.

Although this product has big similarity in other fitness DVDs, but SWAT Workout can give you a total high intense training regimen, which is ideal for people who like a little more challenge.

Is SWAT Workout for You

This is an important question before you decide to buy this product. SWAT Workout Extreme Weight Loss was first released in 2008 and is still one of the best selling fitness videos in Amazon. This means that SWAT Workout is already a trusted brand and Tom is quite a reputable personality in the fitness world.

This fitness DVD is designed to help you lose weight in the most natural way. It helps you build muscles, improves strength, endurance, agility and increases your metabolic rate for much effective weight loss. It even promises you that you can see results in just 10 days.

While SWAT Workout Extreme Weight Loss can get you in the best shape of your life, this will still depend on your will to succeed. Your motivation plays a big role because if you are too lazy to exercise, SWAT Workout Extreme will just be another addition to your collection of fitness videos, which will be stacked forever in a shelve.

Like any other workout home videos, it is important that your exercise program is continuous and consistent to be able to produce good results. You also need to follow a strict and healthy diet plan that will support your workout plans.

Losing weight is a complicated process. Losing weight requires time, patience, and often a lot of effort.

 You need to understand that an appetite suppressant alone will not help you much thinner and thinner physique. Taking just one appetite suppressant product and continuing your daily routine may not produce the results you expected.

If you are serious on losing those unwanted fats, inserting SWAT workouts into your weight loss program will inevitably win your battle against weight gain.

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