Myth And Facts Of Weight Losing

Some of us try our best effort in order to get rid of that unwanted fat. We make a strict diet plan, exercise, and even join diet programs; however, it is unlikely to show satisfying results. It is always a good choice to be a little suspicious for easy and quick weight loss; but do you even realize that there are some myths and facts which actually can make you gain more weight. For instance, there are these supplements keep your weight loss process on track and these supplements are certainly effective despite what you feel about them.

While you surely want a magic way to lose weight more than anything; gimmicks and fads somehow can actually do more harm than good about weight loss. Here are the myth and facts of weight loss that you should know for a maximal result.


  • Snacking is a bad idea

you should not starve yourself to lose weight because if you let yourself in hunger; it will force to eat more and bigger portion when the mealtime. The idea of snacking between meals is a myth because snacking can actually prevent you from overeating. When your stomach starts to get hungry before mealtime; your head usually tells you not to ruin the diet plan.

However, snacking actually helps you to prevent overeating as well as starve. The main reason why people label snacking as unhealthy is because of the choice that we make such as cookies, candies, cakes, chips, and so on. If you are going to snacking between meals; it is better to choose nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and so on rather than chewing on starchy and sugary food.

  • Carbohydrate is bad

most of the time we think that carbohydrate is always bad for diet; however, it does not mean that you should engage with a low-carb diet. The fact is not all carbohydrate created equally because actually, the processed carbs are the one should be avoided. The processed carbs contain high sugar which is not good for the body. For weight loss, opt to enjoy whole grains such as brown rice and beans. Our body actually needs the carbohydrate as fuel to burn body fat during exercise.


  • Stress promotes weight gain

no matter how perfect your diet plan; if you do not free your mind, it will be difficult to lose weight. Stressful condition ignites the carbohydrate-rich snack craving in which those kinds of food help relieve the stress hormone. Stress hormone surprisingly also promotes fat storage. Therefore, besides a perfect diet plan; you should have a good stress reliever routine such as yoga or family time.

  • Sleep matters

when you aim to lose weight; you should never underestimate the power of night sleep. Even though the ideal number of sleep may be varied between one and another; more sleep with promoting more weight loss. Lack of sleeping will make you eat more because of the hormone imbalance.

  • Sugary food is additive

while we are familiar that alcohol or drugs are additive; however, sugary food is actually additive. Cookies, cakes, and other sugary food make the brain gets excited as the same effects of drug addicts. It somehow has to do with dopamine which is the hormone of pleasure and motivation. People with less dopamine receptors will need more sugary food for a pleasurable reaction.

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