Exploring top 5 Natural Home remedies to Keep Pests Away

It would be best to keep all the pests and insects away; otherwise, your house will become hell. There are so many options for you to consider to keep pests away. Using different commercial and chemical pest spray and insect repellents is the most common method. But using these chemical agents can be harmful to your family living in the house. This is why you should use natural home remedies that won’t be harmful at all. In this regard, you can visit https://www.yalepest.com/. The best 5 natural home remedies in this regard are given below.


Garlic is a great natural home remedy to keep insects away. If you rub garlic on your skin, then it will prevent mosquitoes on your skin. You also can make a spray with three parts water and one part garlic juice. This works like magic. You are supposed to keep this handy as you will then be able to use it whenever you want. It is also to drive away houseflies, cockroaches and other pests.


Eucalyptus leaves effectively drive away different kinds of pests and insects. You are just required to place several leaves in the kitchen, bathroom or other damp places. This will ensure that no pest or insects come near it due to its certain aroma or fragrance. This is quite useful and effective. You can go to https://www.yalepest.com/ to know more about such products.


Spiders and rats hate the smell of peppermint. Therefore, you are supposed to make it your weapon to drive them away. You can make a spray using water and peppermint essential oil. All you need to do is spray this spray in corners or cobwebs to stop the growth of rats and spiders in your house. This is really going to be extremely effective and useful to say the least. 


Lavender is considered to be another great natural remedy that will keep pests and insects away. This is known to be a great moth repellent in particular. Moreover, it can also be used as a fragrance sachet to spread aroma in your home. Once you use lavender, then you not mind moth or other pests and insects at your home. You can decide to place it in your closet covered in clothes.


The vanilla smell is another effective remedy that pests and insects cannot stand. This is a great natural way to repel different kinds of bugs and insects, to say the least. You are just supposed to rub vanilla extract on the pulse points. You can do it before going outside or while inside your home. It is known to work like magic.

All the above natural methods are beneficial to prevent the growth and spread of pests and insects at your home. You have the option of trying these remedies according to the availability of these products at your home. It goes without saying that you will have great perks and benefits out of it. 

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