Everything You Need To Know On Minecraft

In just a few years, Minecraft has grown into one of the most successful games. Significantly thanks to word of mouth, even though it does not have a huge marketing budget. It has become a hot subject on the playground and has also entered the classroom. Teachers also find more ways to use games for educational objectives.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft gets often defined as a “sandbox game”, which means it is a virtual tract where users can use building blocks, resources on the website, and their creativity to create their worlds and adventures. 

The game gets used on multiple platforms such as computers, smartphones, Pi, Nintendo Wii, tablets, Xbox, or Playstation. Its popularity is growing every day, especially among elementary school students.

Reasons for Minecraft popularity

Since its announcement in 2009, it has quickly grown into one of the most played recreational games in the world. As an independent game developed by a small group of few, its success is not operated by pure resources or carefully planned promotional strategies. It gets expressed as a game without rules. It has no instructions. It set goals, and players can build and explore as they wish. It often gets compared to virtual Lego.

Children can build their adventures in games of any level. It suggests that Minecraft enthusiasts have a lot of versatility to play. Users can recreate an actual fantasy world or create a new world from scratch, and they can fight villains. With adventurers, you can play individually or with friends. It gets played at any level. 

In many modern games, you need to have specific skills to enter the next hurdle. It can be frustrating for young people. Children do not always have the skills or unlimited time to make real progress in the game. In Minecraft, kids can design their adventures at all levels of the game.

Age limit in Minecraft

Minecraft rules stipulate that contestants under the age of 13 must get parental consent. This minimum age gets governed by the Data Protection Act. It stipulates that websites handling children information must obtain parental consent. Minecraft consoles and handheld games vary from PEGI7 to PEGI 12.

The goodness of Minecraft for children’s learning

  • Its focus on creative construction and exploration can help kids understand their ability to organize, plan, and solve problems. 
  • Children who play with friends can find that their teamwork skills are improved. 
  • There is even a Minecraft server designed for kids with autism and ADHD to improve kids’ social and communication skills. 
  • Minecraft is also becoming more and more popular in schools. The students used Minecraft to build a full-scale model of their school. 
  • It gets used to teach programming, ICT and mathematics to children.

The bedrock for Minecraft: Crafting and mining

  • The Minecraft world revolves around the simplistic trivialities of mining support and making new items, and honestly, this is a crucial part of the game. 
  • Wood, turn it into an axe, and gradually collect a list of armour, weaponry, furniture, appliances, and valuable minerals. 
  • They will also build some hiding places along the way so you can call home and collect your belongings when you take a break from the adventure. 
  • The cycle of exploring, building, and repeating the game is endlessly addictive and limited only by your imagination. 
  • Even if you are not a creative person, and dangerous hell adventures are still fun. It is a hell world full of incredible wealth and menacing monsters.

Play the way you want to

  • Minecraft still has a lot to do. You can create stunning and complex buildings in Minecraft. But you can completely abandon complicated creations and concentrate on exploring the world. 
  • Part of the fun lies in investigating and developing a powerful arsenal to help you in your travels. The game will also reward you for playing the game the way you like. 
  • Minecraft will never make you think you are playing it wrong. Do it in any mode. Enjoy diamond hunting, explore enormous cave systems, build farms, raise cattle or build simple houses-just the beginning. 
  • You can also build buildings, engage in adventures and activities, and experiment with your friends.

For those Minecraft fans, there are also quizzes available for you to test your Minecraft knowledge (you can find Minecraft quizzes here). 

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John Willis is a graduate of Developmental Communication from the University of the Philippines. He works for Severedfifth.com as the editorial manager of the team.