During summer, here are few points that will help you to prepare for IB

The International Baccalaureate is a college-preparatory program that offers an alternative to traditional coursework. Assuming you’ve done your homework and opted to continue IB courses, summer preparations can boost your performance considerably once school starts. Along the process, keep these five suggestions in mind for the IB programme in Singapore.


  1. Determine your direction: The IB graduate certificate program is one of the most popular IB programs at just the high school level. The IB diploma’s criteria are set by an international standard and involve the achievement of seven difficult classes in various disciplines. Two parallel essays several self-selected additional projects are often required as part of the curriculum, all of which are intended to foster interaction with the broader world. Independent IB courses are also available at several high schools. End-of-year IB examinations, like the Advanced Placement program, enables students to earn college credit. Unlike AP examinations, IB exams are only offered to students who are participating in the relevant subjects.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the course material: Summer is the ideal time to prepare for your studies, regardless of which IB path you choose. If this year’s curriculum isn’t accessible, start by looking for one from the prior year’s class. Your teacher will very certainly provide this documentation. Think about starting the reading because if the class requires a lot of reading. Examine previous IB examinations to see if they may be made available to the students. Make an appointment with your instructor to discuss this. 
  3. Create an organizational structure: The IB program is known for its large-format, substantial projects. If you choose to pursue the IB diploma, you’ll need to account for the 4,000-word extensive essay’s lengthy manufacturing process. Set interim objectives for finishing the outline, a first edition, a second draft, and a final edition rather than having a clear vision to “complete the enormous article.” The syllabus will influence your normal coursework arrangement system. Besides that, your primary attention should be on lengthy preparation for reading books and document writing.

On a similar topic, one of the strongest reasons for IB programs educating kids for college is their emphasis on large picture projects.

  1. Challenge your mind: IB courses place a strong focus on creative thinking and data synthesis. IB world language classrooms must choose three works from the “Prescribed Reading in Translation” list to maintain the international focus. The instructor determines which compositions are picked. Comprehending a translated text has its own set of difficulties. You should read the story in English and comprehend the components lost in translation and the new knowledge provided by a great translator.

You don’t need to know the local language well. Still, you will need to locate a well-annotated adaptation that illustrates the translator’s decisions and the subtleties and cultural allusions in the original. Choose one piece from the list that was written in a language other than your own. Literature by Tagore or Neruda, a Viking saga, a Chekov short play, or an Existentialist novel would all have been excellent selections. 

  1. Want for diploma requirements, if pertinent: Summer preparation is necessary if you prepare to pursue the IB diploma. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the Theory of Knowledge prerequisite. If you grasp the components of the school year before September, you will avoid unnecessary misunderstanding even during the school year.

A significant prerequisite of the curriculum is the prolonged essay. While that’s beyond the scope of this column to provide complete guidance to writing an essay, starting yours enough in your IB journey will give you plenty of time to revise. Finally, the imagination, action, and community project will need months of independent effort in addition to your regular academic obligations. It’s too premature in the summer to pick and commence your first endeavour, but it’s never too early to start pondering.

Try out your ideas on your friends or family, and see if any local volunteer groups have unmet requirements that you might fill with your service activity.

Obtaining an International Baccalaureate diploma is a fantastic opportunity, but you’d only get out of it what you put into it. You could be awarded success come autumn if you start planning now.

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