Calf Muscle Workouts Without Equipment

Calf muscles, found on the back of your lower leg, are critical for supporting a healthy stance and basic movement. Below, you’ll find some great ideas for calf muscle workouts that you can do basically anytime, anywhere, with no special equipment needed.

The most basic exercise is the calf raise. The calf raise can be completed either standing on both feet or one foot at a time. Using one foot at a time is a more advanced move, and will likely take a bit of time to master, as it requires well-developed balance. However, it is a variation worth pursuing, as focusing on one foot at a time allows you to execute a more concentrated motion that will provide a better workout for each calf muscle. To perform a calf raise, ideally you should stand on some sort of raised surface. Curbs work well (as long as you are safely out of the way of vehicle traffic in case you lose your balance), as do doorsteps or stairs (again, just make sure you can exercise safely-a handrail for balance will be helpful). Simply dangle your heel(s) off the platform while your toes stay on it. Then simply push up with your toes like you are standing on tiptoes, and then push down so your heels drop below the edge of the platform. Complete 15-20 reps per set. Start with 2-3 sets per day, adding additional ones as muscles get stronger (if your schedule permits).

Another great calf exercise is the mountain climber. Start in a plank position. Bend your right knee and bring it forward, gently touching the ground with the tip of your right foot. Quickly switch legs, straightening the right leg back as you bend the left leg and bring it forward. Start with 1 set of 15-20 reps, increasing either reps or sets as you build strength.

Climbing stairs is another great way to workout your calf muscles. Stadium stairs work great if you have free access to a local sports facility, but any stairs will do, even a short set at your home or office. Climb up and down them as many times a day as you can.

Along with exercise, try out the small changes in your diet to eat clean and healthy. Your diet plays a major role in supplying your body with the required nutrients and muscle-building essentials. Testosterone boosters have also been in the reviews for their supportive effects on bodybuilding. Check out the list of over-the-counter testosterone boosters, which might be helpful to pick up the suitable. 

Calf muscles are important for both movement and aesthetic purposes, and if you start incorporating these simple exercises into your daily routine, you will ensure yours stay strong and healthy.

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