5 Top Rated Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are extremely popular, but because people want only the best for their homes, they depend on ratings to find the perfect window air conditioner to match their cooling needs. It’s hard to find good ratings about window air conditioners, but here are some of the top rated window air conditioners that we found based on their features and specifications.

Danby DAC10010E

This unit has a cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU and can cool up to 450 square feet of floor area. It has an energy efficiency rating of 10.8 and it’s also Energy Star compliant, making it a very good model for saving energy consumption. It uses the environment-friendly refrigerant R410A and it also has an energy saver mode which automatically turns the fan on and off after the compressor has shut down.

The unit has an automatic on and off timer for easy scheduling whenever you need it. The sleep mode maintains optimal cooling without causing the air to become too cold. The model has electronic controls and it also has an LCD display that makes it easier for you to view and navigate the device. It also has a remote control for distant operation. This model has 4-way air direction which distributes air as optimally as possible.


This is another Energy Star qualified device that has a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU and an EER rating of 10.8. The unit has an electronic digital thermostat and a remote control for easy navigation. It also has an energy saver feature that enables it to cut energy costs effectively.

This unit has a 24-hour timer and 4-directional airflow for maximum distribution. The fan has 3 cooling speeds and fan speeds for the best cooling control. The unit discharges cool air on the top part, enabling it to cool the warmer air at higher elevations.


This is a more powerful unit with the capacity to cool up to 15,000 BTU. It has an EER rating of 10.8 and it’s also Energy Star qualified. It has electronic controls and a remote control for easy operation, and it also has a digital LED display.

The unit has 4-way air deflection and it has 3 fan and 3 cooling speeds for optimal temperature control. It has an energy saver mode for better efficiency. It has a 12-hour on and off timer and it has auto restart function which restores previous settings right after a power outage.

Frigidaire FRA186MT2

This is a very powerful unit with the cooling capacity of 18,500 BTU and an EER rating of 10.7. This model has a lot of great features which are exclusive to Frigidaire air conditioners including Effortless Remote Temperature Control for distant operation; Ready-Select Controls for easy one-touch operation; Effortless Clean Filter that keeps the air clean and healthy to breathe; Effortless Restart that automatically restores previous settings right after a power outage; and SpaceWise Adjustable Design Optional Side Panels which enable you to cover up the extra space on the side of the window opening.

Apart from these, the model also has standard features like a remote control, three-speed fan for better temperature control, sleep mode for quiet operation, filter alert that tells you when you need to clean the filter, 24-hour on and off timer for easy scheduling, and electronic controls.

Friedrich Kühl SM21M30

This is a very powerful air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 20,800 BTU. It has an EER rating of 10.0 and it has very advanced electronic settings. Some of its features include a 7-day programmable thermostat schedule that enables you to set the settings of the air conditioner for the entire week; LCD panel and remote control for easy operation; 8-direction air flow for maximum air distribution; AutoFan; Energy Star qualification; and other features which make this model very ideal to use at home. The unit even has 6 different colors of front panel cover to choose from, adding a touch of personality to the device.


Being top rated increases the value of an air conditioner, and these top rated window air conditioners are definitely worth their value. We’re sure that if you bought and installed any of these models in your home, you’d be more than satisfied with their performance.

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