The Global housing market has fallen down and here is why

The democratic governments are struggling with the consequences, and dreaming of their own house is possibly out of reach now. The political persuasions are shaking the government as it leads to falling out. The soaring property prices are diminishing the hope of owning a house worldwide. It is the consequences because of the pandemic, and it’s not just the buyers but also the rents are soaring in many cities. The rent cabs to special taxes on landlords, turning vacant offices into two houses, nationalizing private properties, and much more ideas are being thrown at this problem by the politicians. But there is no easy sustainable fix for this cause.

Housing affordability is getting lesser demand.

So for the next economic crunch, there is an existing housing direct sowing the seeds if borrowing costs rise. There has been no intensity seen since the 2008 financial crisis, and it can be said the risk gauges as flash warnings can be said. Let us know about the countries that got significant hits by the pandemic. 


With annual inflation of around 50%, Argentina is getting a significant price hit. The political disaffection and economic pressure are being built by the rent hikes. Many people had to pay triple the rent during the pandemic, and the bells were about 40% of the income, which vanished away a dream of saving for a home. Some property owners are raising prices excessively to counter the uncertainty of regulated increases, while others are taking properties off the market. 


People in Australia are not just renting homes, but renting for their life and the rest of their life. There haven’t been tamed prices for houses, even after announcing a “comprehensive housing affordability plan” in the 2017-18 budgetary, including $1 billion to boost supply. It is said that the people are paying 30% of their salary on rent, which is exorbitant. There are many plans in imposed, and yet all of them flopped.


Canada was in such a state that the Prime Minister had to announce plans for a two-year ban on foreigners from buying houses. They imposed laws on foreign buyers to make 20% tax to combat a crisis that was out of hand. The taxes and rents were so high, and people started to shift from Canada to other places as they could not bear this housing crisis. Many people’s dream of getting a house is left as a dream itself. 


Because of the seats in parliament, there is a pressure situation bringing up again as the surging comprises contributed to the time the ruling parties was parliamentary election results in more than 50 years and power. In the last two years, the prices of private homes have risen the most. The Ultra-rich foreigners splurged on about $24 billion as per the news of ERA Reality Network Pvt. Ltd.


There are many countries that have been affected the real estate news business of the country and letting the economy down. The problem is still up because of the pandemic and is still recovering. New laws should be imposed to improve the rise of housing again.

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John Willis is a graduate of Developmental Communication from the University of the Philippines. He works for as the editorial manager of the team.