Pay Per Click Strategies What In The World Is Pay Per Click

Pay per click could also be known as “buying your way in” to the world of selling on the Internet. Why? Because you are literally buying the traffic you will need to convert to sales. Some may think it is the “easy” way out because you will not have to use typical Search Engine Marketing to position your site to get traffic from the search engines. The perceived advantage is you will not have to wait for days, weeks or months for your SEO efforts to pay off. You can literally, “turn on the traffic” and watch it roll in.

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What PPC does is allow you to place ads in front of users (aka human beings) who are searching online for whatever it is that you are selling. How does this work? The ads only come up when certain search phrases or words are typed in by the user. These are known as keywords, and represent the cornerstone of how most pay per click networks operate. In this way, the idea is to have the most relevant ad show for the users desired search. In other words, PPC systems will target ads based on what a user is searching for and then serve it up instantaneously. There are many PPC ad networks, but the largest and Grandaddy of them all is Google AdWords. It’s pretty much how they paid for the family farm.

You’ll want to be aware of some crucial facts before you spend any money on Pay Per Click or PPC. Why? Because you could end up in the poor house, frustrated, cold, tired and sick (ok, maybe that’s a little over the top) that your hard earned cash was just spent getting you no sales(or opt-ins, form fills what have you).

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Ok Fine, you might be saying, so what are the “facts of life” when it comes to Pay Per Click? I thought you’d never ask!

  1. Adwords is bloody difficult for a beginner- There I said it. Not gonna give you the gloss over on that one. However, it’s not impossible, and actually makes sense if you have the worldview of a highly analytical programmer. However, where Adwords has really come into it’s own is that everybody uses it, but few know how to really be effective with it because they don’t take the time to learn the skills and read the tutorials. Consequently, many people are dumping large sums of money on Adwords playing “follow the leader” and have little to show for it. However, if you are a person who hates detail, then learning adwords and pay per click is probably not the best option for you if you plan to do it yourself. The interface can be baffling and wonky, so patience is a must. On the upside, and account is free, which is nice.

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  1. Know Your Keywords- Let me say that again, and again, and again. Ok fine, I won’t, but you get the idea. If you don’t know your keywords, please, just send me your money rather than give it to a PPC ad network. You won’t get anywhere except broke. You need to be a master of keyword research, or at least have a clue as to how to target your keywords, before you even bother with an Ad Campaign. Why? Because the entire Adwords interface, and many other PPC networks is built around keywords and their relevance to the web site you are targeting. And if you cut corners on your keywords, Google will penalize your ads and they won’t work, so….don’t do it.
  2. Thou Site MUST Convert- I’ll just put that phrase on an endless tape loop. Seriously, there is no point in sending any traffic anywhere if the site that they are landing on is rubbish. Or it may look great, but doesn’t convert into sales at all. At that point you have a bunch of window shoppers who aren’t buying for one reason or another. The only way to build a site that converts is to first build it, then run some traffic through it with another method and see what happens. Sounds tedious, but it is WELL worth it, because you are that much closer to making your PPC campaign work in your favor. Remember, the internet is filled with two types of people, informational and transactional (sales). You want the second kind. The first kind? No so much.

Remember, once you build a good converting site and PPC campaign, it pretty much works on it’s own.

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