Law Of Attraction And Meditation – Know about the advantages

The law of attraction is one of the most important laws of the Universe. You see, there are man made laws – such as traffic regulations, school guidelines and sports rules. If you were to drive through a red light, which is a signal to stop your car, you may receive a fine or a ticket as punishment. The same if you regularly arrive late to school or your classes, or are found to have broken a rule in sports, then you may be temporarily suspended or penalized. The laws of the Universe, however, cannot be broken – this is true for the law of attraction.

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The law of attraction states that we draw to us what we put out. In other words, the reality that we experience is equivalent to the energy that we emit. This is a law of the universe that is always on.

Law of Attraction and Meditation

There are many techniques to fine tune how you create with the law of attraction. Affirmations are one method. Some like to use external objects such as crystals to aid in their manifestation efforts. One of the most powerful methods of focusing one’s creative energy with the law of attraction is meditation.

Law of attraction and meditation is a powerful combination. The act of meditation is to stop all thought and focus on one particular frequency. Each thought is a frequency. So, sometimes, that frequency that one focuses on during meditation is the breath. If you want to manifest something in particular, it could be a specific image, instead. We’ll touch on meditating on certain images in a moment.

Meditation is a very powerful tool because it stops excess thoughts and brings you completely into the now moment. Because the point of all of your creative power is in the present moment, this is taking all of your powerful energy and placing it in that present moment. On any given day, you’ll have many thoughts. Some will be in the direction of what you wish to create, while others may be in the direction of worry and doubt. It is these thoughts of worry and doubt that often form blockages to the things that you wish to manifest.

Remember, thoughts create through the law of attraction. You create what you think about. So if you are thinking of making extra money, then, in the next breath, if you think of the reasons why you won’t be able to manifest this money, or what problems may prevent you from doing so – then you are setting up blocks to your own desires. By way of the law of attraction, you are attracting these ‘obstacles’ into your reality. Remember, the law of attraction is always on. Whatever you think about, you attract.

Meditation is a great tool to stop these fleeting thoughts and allow you to hone your energy into focus, helping you create more of what you wish to create instead of what you don’t want to create. You might say “I can’t meditate, how can I stop my thoughts?” Well, we will go over some tools and techniques of meditation that will help you harness the power of you inner creative strength. These include both visualization techniques and general law of attraction meditation techniques.

Law of Attraction Meditation Techniques

To effectively meditate, you must find a comfortable chair and sit down with your back straight up in a relaxed matter. You may elect to sit “Indian Style” as is widely taught – but it is not necessary and often uncomfortable for many. Contrary to some belief, sitting Indian style is NOT just sitting with your legs crossed. This style places your butt firmly on the floor with your ankles crossed and heels pointing toward your groin.

Now, after closing your eyes, concentrate on the sound of your breath. This, alone, will help take your thoughts away from the fleeing topics of the day and will focus that thought energy on movement and sound of your breath. Continue to do this for the next minute to a minute and a half. This will lock you into the frequency of your breath, allowing all other thoughts to fade way

Now that you know how to quiet your mind, the next step is, while in meditation, to use visualization techniques to bring what you desire into manifestation. The key is to pick an image that represents your wish already fulfilled. For instance, if a new house is what you desire, perhaps you might picture yourself pulling into the driveway of your new home. Next, you might open your front door to be greeted by your family, pet dog and relatives.

The key here is with meditation to visualize those scenes while incorporating all of your senses. What will it feel like? What will it sound like? How will your house smell? What about the material of your new car? It is important to treat this image just as a symbolic image representing your greater goal. What this does is this simply provides an energetic blueprint for manifestation. You are locking in on the frequency or feeling of the reality that you desire. By allowing this scene to act as an energetic blueprint, you allow the Universe to bring this reality to you in the best way possible manner – perhaps in a way that you haven’t even imagined. For instance, instead of that one car that you envision in your reality, you might actually manifest two cars. Through the use of meditation, you can establish your vibrational point of attraction.

Visualization techniques and meditation are powerful tools for applying the law of attraction. It focuses your thoughts and energy on what you wish to be manifested. Remember, energy follows thought. If you focus your energy on the images and thoughts of what you desire, then you will be setting your vibrational point of attraction with that of what you wish to manifest. This is effectively utilizing the law of attraction.

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