How To Get A Boyfriend In 8 Dumbfounding Ways

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can do something to speed up the process of having a boyfriend? Here, you will discover how to get a boyfriend in eight dumbfounding ways.

  • Take relationship quizzes online to help you identify the reason you still do not have a boyfriend now. If you know what is preventing you from entering into a relationship, you can then do something about it.

You can use Mr. Google or any of your preferred search engines to bring you to sites that offer these quizzes. You may also visit the websites of popular magazines, as they usually publish such tests. Your internet is your best friend when it comes to finding resources to help you.

  • Perform an inventory of your expectations. Determine what it is that you are looking for in a potential partner, and what it is that you expect from a relationship.

You can group it according to two categories: the negotiable and the non-negotiable. Under the negotiable category are the traits and expectations that you are willing to compromise or change to find your future partner.

The other category or the non-negotiable, meanwhile, lists the traits and expectations you will not compromise just so you can find your partner and enjoy a relationship with him

  • Let the boys see you. If you lock yourself up in your dungeon, how can you expect to see your future prince? Get out and explore the world around you.

Be visible in places where the boys hang around often. Find something worthwhile to do in the outside world where you can meet new people while enjoying your time.

Here are some places where you can meet boys and possibly your future partner:

  • Bars
  • Gyms
  • Bookstores
  • Laundromats
  • Sports arenas
  • Online sites for dating
  • everage on the power of the social media to get you a boyfriend. If you still have not done so (surprisingly!), create social media accounts where you can connect with potential partners. Examples are the following: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+.

However, before you attempt to do this, you have to understand the risks of meeting someone who is a stranger to you via social media. It is best to limit your exposure to friends and friends of friends, as long as your friends can guarantee the character of the persons you plan to meet personally.

  • Search from among your friends. Who knows that one of your “boyfriends” is harboring a feeling you might not notice? Look for clues or signs that he likes you, and wants your friendship to go to a more intimate level. Here are some of these signs:
  • He gives you his time and attention even if you don’t ask for it. He seems to be always around and ready to do something that will make you happy.
  • He initiates and keeps the conversation going. He wants to talk to you often, asking questions about you, usually about trivial or mundane things.
  • His body language should give him away. If he finds ways to touch you, lean towards you during conversations, stares at you whether you know it or are unaware of it, then you can deduce from his gestures that he likes you not just to be his friend.
  • Improve your physical attributes. Highlight your best features, and de-emphasize your not-so-good features. No matter how many people deny it, what catches the eyes of boys first are the physical attributes of the opposite sex.

After giving their attention, then it is the time boys will decide whether they will continue the pursuit based on the character and the personality of their targets. Hence, it pays to look attractive to catch the attention of your potential boyfriend.

  • Reach out. Sometimes, all it takes to get him to be your boyfriend is to reach out. Make him feel at ease around you. This way, he can get out of his protective shell and start making the move towards pursuing you. Most boys drop their intentions of pursuing simply because they feel intimidated.

Here are some techniques in making him feel comfortable:

  • Smile at him. Make sure, though, that you are giving him a genuine smile.
  • Start the conversation, and during the conversation, tease him slightly.
  • Laugh with him. There is no better way to break the ice than with laughter.
  • Work on your sex appeal. Know what body gestures turn on the men, and practice doing them until it becomes comfortable and natural for you to do the same.

Here are some tips:

  • Wear something red when meeting your potential boyfriend. The psychology of colors reveals that red evokes sensuality and sexiness.
  • Do the things that make your comfortable and happy.
  • Exude an aura of confidence, and yet keep some mystery.

These are the eight dumbfounding yet proven ways on how to get a boyfriend. While making an effort in looking, feeling, and doing your best, the most important thing is to be yourself.

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