Funeral Wreath- Mourn Period

There are happy and sad occasions in life that we all go through in some form or the other and this happens at regular intervals in our lifetime. It is impertinent that one has to choose words carefully when talking about something like this.

Speaking of sad and somber occasions, nothing can trump the loss of a loved one be it a friend or relative and this is perhaps the worst moment in anyone’s life that one has to go through.

After the soul leaves the body, the individual is termed as a corpse, which means that there is no life left in him/her and the body is either cremated or buried depending on the religion of the person.

Last Journey

As mentioned above, it is difficult to write on such a topic without offending a lot of people but we’ll limit the discussion here on the flowers that are an important part of the funeral procession.

Whenever you go to a funeral, you find heaps of flowers and wreaths all around the ceremonial hall that is brought by mourners and well-wishers as a tribute to the departed soul.

It is important that you need to choose the correct flowers for a funeral because you can’t just pick a random rose from your garden or some wilted flowers on a delicate occasion like this.

Funeral wreaths come in different hues that one must be aware of because it is said that the last journey of the person is peaceful and his soul is purified when well-wishers do that as a sign of respect.

Sending condolence wreaths has been going on since time immemorial and it is difficult to say how and when it started and there are certain people that think it is a waste of time.

While there is nothing that can be done to ease the pain of losing a loved one, it does provide immense relief to the bereaved family members that there are well-wishers around them in their hour of grief standing in solitude on such an occasion.

A sympathy flower is smaller in size compared to a wreath but both have the same emotion more or less and therefore you need to choose and send flowers that go well with such a sad occasion.


We all know that there are certain etiquettes while going to a funeral and sending funeral flowers because their fragrance and color have to be strong so that it emanates throughout the room.

The arrangements have to be topnotch where you can place the order from the florist either online or go to the shop if there are many of them but for the former, you can send only a small bouquet.

The florist is an expert in arranging the flowers based on the customers’ preference and while many people send flowers of dull and subdued colors to reflect the mourning, you should send bright and lively bouquets to celebrate the departed soul because it is a celebration of life basically.

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