Fortnite Most Wanted Event Guide: Tips to Get Solid Skull Back Bling

The Fortnite Most Wanted event is now live and ready for players to take part in. This event offers some of the rarest rewards in the game, including the coveted Solid Skull Back Bling. This Back Bling allows you to show off your style with a unique look that cannot be found anywhere else. Here are some tips on how to get this item and many others during the Fortnite Most Wanted event.

Players who want to join in on the fun must first visit an NPC named “Most Wanted”. Most Wanted’s location will change each time he appears, so it’s important to keep track of his whereabouts if you want to take part in this event. Once you’ve located him, simply speak to him and select the ‘Join Event’ option. You’ll then be asked to select a difficulty level, ranging from Easy to Legendary. Be sure to choose one that suits your skill level, as this will determine how difficult it will be for you to complete certain tasks during the event.

The goal of the event is pretty straightforward – collect three tokens by completing challenges set by Most Wanted. The challenges will vary depending on the difficulty setting you chose when you entered the event, but will typically involve eliminating enemies or collecting resources from specific locations on the map. Once you’ve collected all three tokens, return them to Most Wanted and he’ll reward you with a selection of items – including (and perhaps most importantly) Solid Skull Back Bling!

How do you maximise your chances of getting Solid Skull Back Bling?

As with any Fortnite challenge, there are certain strategies that can help increase your chances of success in this particular mission. First, make sure you’re playing at your highest possible skill level, as this should give you a better chance of getting rare rewards like Solid Skull Back Bling. Also, try to focus on completing challenges quickly rather than spending too much time exploring every nook and cranny of the map; rushing through tasks will give players more chance of getting a reward before time runs out! Lastly, equip yourself with powerful weapons and equipment that will help you make quick work of enemies or objectives – this will keep your risk level low and potentially increase your rewards!

Tips for completing challenges quickly and easily

When tackling challenges during Fortnite’s most sought-after event, it pays off big time if players can complete them quickly and easily, without encountering too many problems along the way. To do this successfully, make use of fast-travel points whenever they become available – these allow players to warp between different sections of the map almost instantly, rather than having to walk a long distance each time they need to move somewhere new! Also, do not forget to use consumables such as shields or healing potions; stocking up on these items can prove invaluable down the line if things go wrong unexpectedly!

What other rewards can I expect from the event?

Aside from receiving a solid skull back bling after completing all of the challenges in Fortnite’s Most Wanted event, there are plenty of other goodies waiting for players once their missions have been successfully completed. These include exclusive emotes like Ride Into Battle and Victory Dance, Fortnite OG skins like the Werewolf Lycanthrope Outfit, and special cosmetic items like Mythic Weapon Skins that only drop from certain NPCs in the game world. All of these awesome additions guarantee even more entertainment, no matter what type of playstyle you prefer to indulge in the Battle Royale Arena!

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