Exercise Ball Ab Workout – Know about them 

5 Things You Need to Know about Exercise Ball Ab Workout

Begin With Balance

Balance is important. Effective exercise ball ab workout stem from good balance. You can start to increase your balance by sitting on the ball with a straight back and your feet planted in front of you, just like you are sitting in a chair. Explore your sense of balance on the exercise ball with small movements like a pelvic tilt or small circle roll. Try closing your eyes or focusing on a fixed object while you move to stay steady on the exercise ball.

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Use Proper Form

Who wants to get injured while you are exercising? No one? Good then. Exercise ball ab workout must be perform on proper form. Eventough it takes time to learn, but it is something you should focus on from the first exercise. It’s so much better than u get injured. The exercise ball is a great tool because your body will straighten to stay balanced on the ball. Good posture is important in form. Hip, knee and foot positions change with different ab variations. Don’t forget to ask the pro to learn how to do each position of exercise ball ab workout.

Gravity Provides Instant Resistance

Natural gravity gives great resistance during exercise ball ab workout. The earth’s pull provides resistance giving your abs a great workout without additional equipment. Manipulate the exercises to work with your ability level. Beginners roll out from the ball to start the abdominal exercises with more support from the ball. Roll your hips closer to or on the ball for a more intense workout.

Work the Three Regions

Your abs is fall into 3 ab region, the upper region, the lower region and the oblique muscles. When you do exercise ball ab workout, try to use the exercise ball in precise movements that target one region at a time, making small controlled movements on the exercise ball. These small movements focus in on certain muscles, working one region or muscle area of your abs at a time to help tone and flatten stomach bulges.

Select the Right Product

When you say exercise ball ab workout then it should be an exercise balls there. It come in different diameters. Make sure you have the right size for your height. A properly sized exercise ball will come up to your knee. Sit on the exercise ball and plant both feet in front of you in a normal sitting position. Your knees should be at a 90-degree angle. The ball will lose air slowly over time, so reinflate the ball to keep the right amount of pressure in it.

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