All you need to explore about Minecraft’s Spectator Mode

Minecraft is really known to be quite a popular adventure game. This game is available in a different mode for the players to play. In comparison with adventure and survival mode, the spectator mode of this game is heavily overlooked for some reason or other. If you are really interested to know about this mode, then this article is for you. You should proceed to know about Minecraft Survival Servers.

It is exclusive to the Java edition

Spectator mode in Minecraft is only exclusively available for Java edition players. But it is also possible for you to get access through modes in Bedrock. Its function is known to be quite unstable. 

Accessing spectator mode

It is quite easy and effective to access spectator mode. Like other game modes, you have to press T for activating chat at bottom left of screen. Then you are supposed to type a command ‘gamemode spectator’. There will be a list with several game mode options among which you need to choose the one that you wish. In case, you are in the creative mode and the chat is enabled, you can press F3 + N to activate spectator mode. Do your research about Minecraft Survival Servers.

Features of spectator mode

There are few features in spectator mode that you really should know about. You are allowed to fly through blocks in this mode. Not to mention, you can even utilize X-ray vision to make things easier for you. Moreover, it is also possible for you to move any kind of entity and see all kinds of objects around. 

  • This removes HUD

Due to the lack of the HUD, it may feel quite disorienting for being in spectator mode. You can still chat and use subtitles of your choice. But aspects like your hunger bars, health, and inventory bars are likely to disappear for obvious reasons. Players are allowed to see the inventory in this mode. On top of that, they can even retain items. It just becomes difficult to interact with an inventory. This is the biggest problem you should face while using this mode.

  • You can go invisible

In spectator mode, you have the option of going invisible and other players will not be able to see or find you. This is one of the best reasons why spectators are supposed to use this mode most of the time. But if the Glowing status effect remains active, then non-spectators are supposed to see you even if you are invisible. You can really pull these pranks on your friends while playing Minecraft. 

  • Normally you don’t die

For spectators, death is not an option, to say the least. In two ways, you can incur damage while playing this game. You can either fall into the void or get killed through kill command. Apart from these two things, every other way is safe, to say the least. Thing like suffocation is not enough to kill a player. Hence, it would help if you did not have to worry about getting killed most of the time. It would help if you explored so many things about this game.

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