3 Unavoidable Mountain Biking Essentials That Are a Must!

Mountain biking is more of a sport now becoming a major workout. Lately, it has substituted many indoor endurance and agility training, making it a fast choice among sports and adventure enthusiasts. As the world is head over heels with their bikes on every mountain trail, it isn’t an easy ride for one and all.

Accidents in rough terrain are certainly unpredictable, but you can be well prepared in advance to make sure your trip is completely safe. If you intend your power-packed journey to be full of agility, speed and thrilling adventure, make sure you check the following essentials to guarantee you a safe time!

1- Choose The Appropriate Bike 

Many MTB enthusiasts don’t consider the bikes as a part of biking gears, but effectively the choice of the cycle is the whole game changer. Getting a bike, you need to look for:

  • Bike’s Dimensions

Mountains bikes have to be suitable for the riders’ personality and capacity. There are several bikes ranging from beginner’s level to sporty ones. Disc brakes are used with a taut grip to provide instant action. Riding on a rugged surface, you might opt for suspension frames with adjustable seat and frame rods. It will absorb the shock, and the rocky pressure reduces. Tubeless tires complying with friction are opt for decreasing threat of punctures amid. Overall, the entire model should be lightweight to manoeuvre swiftly.

  • Multi-Tool Kit

Not only you, but your bike might also have an injury, or a chain or rod might come out. Without the need for a break or disruption, keep your toolkit handy to repair the petty faults. Make sure it contains hexes of all sizes to tighten any loose screws and chain breakers to rectify the broken links.

2- Ensure Suitable Clothing, Head To Toe 

Overall protection is important when you are out in the rough climate for an agile challenging sport. Your attire should have:

  • Sporty Clothing

Bikers generally prefer covered jerseys to protect them from brushing rocks as they speed up. Shorts are also best for free leg movements. They should be comfortable and sporty to avoid tightness or flapping disturbance. The best sports clothes with abrasion and water resistance are best for any weather and season.

  • Suitable Shoes

Legs are the most strained during cycling, and proper shoes ensure reduced pressure and injury. They should be aptly fitting, breathable and comfortable around the legs. Shoes should have an immense frictional grip to avoid slipping from the pedals. Lately, clipless pedals are preferred to lock the shoes for a firm grip. 

  • Accessories

Additionally, you can always have sunglasses to avoid dirt and wind flares, headbands to keep the helmets intact or even hand gloves to improve the firm grip on the handles. 

3- Don’t Ever Forget The Protective Gears

The accessories for injury protection are a must while on an adventure. It includes: 

  • High-Quality Helmets

The normal helmets are cross country head protectors which only cover the top part. The bikers also choose full-face helmets with visors and chin protection to enhance security. They should be comfortable and ventilated to provide airy ease while riding aggressively

  • Knee And Elbow Pads

Falling while riding may not be predicted, but abrasions and skin ruptures can be prevented with protective pads. Generally, knees and elbows are affected first, where cushiony pads are required. They should be of flexible material facilitating free movements along with high scratch resistance. 

Additionally, carrying a backpack and hydration pouches are unavoidably essential. Make sure you are equipped with complete first aid to treat yourself off the blood. Carry your phones to connect in emergencies, along with quick, nourishing bars to energise quick.

It needn’t be an elaborate holiday setup, but these basic essentials are best if not neglected. Proper gear and strong endurance are the only requirements to safely scale the steeps on wheels!

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John Willis is a graduate of Developmental Communication from the University of the Philippines. He works for Severedfifth.com as the editorial manager of the team.